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Angle plates 90°, two & four sides

 Microbas is the market leader in Scandinavia for granite metrology products

Microbas provides and services a wide range of angle plates 90˚, machined and lapped on two or four-sides. The angle plates are manufactured in diabase in dimensions as shown in the chart below.

The angle plates fulfill perpendicularity according to DIN 875. The flatness is equivalent to finish 0 on our 8070 surface plates and fulfill flatness according to DIN 876. The angle plates can be supplied with or without mounting slots in the contact surfaces. Two or four sides are machined as required.

We help you maintain the accuracy of your angle plates with calibration services, refurbishment and cleaning detergents.

It is also possible to order angle plates in other dimensions. Contact us at Microbas for more information.

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Available Angle Plates in Diabase

Angle Tolerances are within 2μm / 100mm. Please contact us with your order.
 Type Ref No. Name Size
(L x W x H)
Price (SEK)
Excl. VAT
 2 sides machined without slot 8078.07001 195-1U2 75 x 100 x 100mm 1 900
 2 sides machined without slot 8078.07002 195-2U2 100 x 150 x 150mm 3 140
 2 sides machined without slot 8078.07003 195-2U2 150 x 200 x 200mm 6 155
 2 sides machined without slot 8078.07004 195-4U2 200 x 300 x 300mm 8 825
 2 sides machined without slot 8078.07005 195-5U2 200 x 400 x 400mm 17 715
 4 sides machined without slot 8078.07011 195-1U4 75 x 100 x 100mm 3 620
 4 sides machined without slot 8078.07012 195-2U4 100 x 150 x 150mm 5 935
 4 sides machined without slot 8078.07013 195-3U4 150 x 200 x 200mm 11 625
 4 sides machined without slot 8078.07014 195-4U4 200 x 300 x 300mm 17 775
 4 sides machined without slot 8078.07015 195-5U4 200 x 400 x 400mm 36 110
It is also possible to order angle plates in dimensions other than those stated above. Contact us at Microbas for more information.

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