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Waste Heat Recovery Compressors

Die-cast steel machining.


Opcon rotor housing

Svenska Rotor Maskiner (Opcon Group) has for more than 100 years designed, licensed and built some of the most advanced compressor solutions the world has seen. At Microbas we support SRM/Opcon with machining of steel die-cast compressor housings to world-class tolerances. With great design combined with quality in every part of the manufacturing process, Opcon provides products that enable their customers to produce electricity from waste heat with a great return on investment.

The Opcon Powerbox is unique in the world, as it produces carbon-free electricity from as low as 55°C waste heat on truly commercial terms. This is made possible by a number of factors – one of them being minimal energy loss and maximized output through precision and accuracy in every detail of the rotor machining. One of the most critical dimensions are two holes on the rotor housing 1.2 m away from each other that require a position tolerance of 0.02 mm. The achievement of providing this accuracy is yet another example of how Microbas Precision is making disruptive technologies come alive.

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